Humanity is above all religion

Humanity is above all religions - a hindu man who didn't marry just to see his muslim child happy: akbar was 6 when he got lost in allahabad in 2004. We all have a common dream of living in a peaceful world and we all dream of a prosperous future for our family we must have respect for each other it is the people vs humanity because if the people do not work on saving humanity then humanity will implode, continuously fighting and killing itself off, without ever fulfilling our dreams. The manifestations of god are the only channel for humanity to know about calling on all religious movements to rise above fixed conceptions inherited from a . An unique workshop that builds on quran, hadith and islamic concepts, a gift to humanity i learnt that humanity is above all religions every muslim (in fact all human beings) should attend this workshop. To feel that humanity is above all factions of race, religion, nationality, gender etc to reinstate peace and oneness to acknowledge the fact that we have divisions not to divide people but for developing healthy competition to prosper and for administrative ease.

The official website of the office of his holiness the 14th dalai lama menu search above all, world peace humanity needs all the world's religions to suit . And i am a human, above all else, and humanity is one religion worth fighting for (the author is a feminist and a lawyer based out of mumbai views expressed are the author’s own the quint . From the beginning of the abrahamic faiths and of greek philosophy, religion and morality have been closely intertwined this is true whether we go back within greek philosophy or within christianity and judaism and islam.

Humanity is the religion which all religions preach, so why not follow it as such, with just few basic themes to practice and follow in our day to day lives:- god has sent us as a visitor to this planet earth, with a visitor’s visa, having a fixed expiry date. Humanity is above all religion, london 609 likes 1 talking about this worldwide friendly forum promotes peace wwwdesire4globalpeacecom anjum. Best answer: i agree with you humanity is the beginning of all religion/beliefs not the other way round i too disagree humanity is only the basic, the .

This social experiment is just what we all need to watch in this time of religious intolerance that no religion is worth ruining peace and harmony humanity is above all religions and that . Humanity is above all religion :-) 17k likes like, if you believe in it spread,if you want to be united as one and suggest, if you are good at it. Welcome to our website before all things, we are human beings after birth came culture, religion, beliefs, education, and the perception that these things form our identity. Were the founding fathers of the united states christians “the christian religion is, above all the religions that ever prevailed or equity and humanity” . All founders of great religions invariably have a common basis of virtuous human values and righteousness people who are fighting in the pretext of religions have hardly studied the original text of holy books of their own religion in deta.

Humanity is above all religion

Christianity and the world religions for all humanity, the expressions of religion are interconnected and mutually complementary with religions, which should . Humanity is above all religion india is a country of different language and religion but its people are always united when it comes under any humanitary ground so first being human rather than human being. No religion is higher than humanity humanity is higher than religion only the living god is above all, and he is not a religion he is our creator . Although all religions are good and teach good in their own way, humanity is above all humanity is not at all associated with any specific religion banshi 8 years ago.

  • The importance of religion religion is a believe that relates humanity to spirituality one of the major themes in the novel ‘life of pi’ is religion and the significance and importance of it is portrayed throughout the novel.
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Khalsa aid to kerala's rescue khalsa aid proves yet again that humanity is above all religion khalsa aid to kerala's rescue. Above all, he guides humanity to the right way, the straight path [17] islam teaches that god is the same god worshipped by the members of other abrahamic religions such as christianity and judaism ( 29:46 ) [18]. Watch till the end to know what happens when an auto driver is discriminated on the basis of his religion please share let's be human.

humanity is above all religion 11 is humanity the greatest religion in recent times, so-called seculars and revisionists often say that 'humanity' is above all religions, humanity is greatest of all religions, etc. humanity is above all religion 11 is humanity the greatest religion in recent times, so-called seculars and revisionists often say that 'humanity' is above all religions, humanity is greatest of all religions, etc.
Humanity is above all religion
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